The company, founded in October in the non-descript Chaubeyjee ki Chhaawani, Sikraul near (Buxar) in Bihar 2008 was a pioneering effort in pushing forward the holistic concept of rainbow revolution. The rural landscape of Bihar had already been transformed after the Green Revolution of the late 1960's. However, there were a few vital links missing in this agricultural revolution. Important among them were the availability of quality High Yield Variety Seeds at affordable costs.

Secondly, the accessibility of this quality seed was also important. The farmers from remote areas had to procure the seeds from the state capital or from a counted few assorted centers scattered over this large state of Bihar.

Thirdly, the problem of procurement of agricultural produce was also there private agencies speculated prices to the detriment of the soil-titter. Government procurement agencies like the Food Corporation of India, the State Rural Marketing and procuring "Bazaar Samitis" have become mired in inefficiency and ineptitude and are almost moribund.

Against such a bleak scenario, Ratnagiri Seeds and Farm has made a valiant effort to transform the rural landscape of Bihar.

The Company has made remarkable forays in procurement and processing of seeds like paddy, wheat and lentils. The company also plans to diversify in the production of cattle feed like Birsimha grass and other optimized cattle feed products, which suit the native propensities of the local indigenous cattle breed.

Ratnagiri Seeds and Farm has started the procurement and processing of long-duration (155 days and above) paddy high-yielding varieties like MTU-7029 and RM-1. In addition, the company has pioneered the development of Kasturi, a super-fine and fragmented variety of rice that is not susceptive to pests and diseases afflicting the traditional fine rice varieties, Shweta another fine variety of rice is being processed and distributed by the company.

The company has made a stellar effort in popularizing the short duration and draught resistant varieties of rice like Abhiskek and Mallika, which are cultivated in a small span of 110-125 days.

A special feather in the cap of the company is the popularization of the two fragrant varieties of rice that can suitably compare with basmati rice in taste and fragrance viz R-1121 and Rajbhog. Whereas the former has long grains, the latter i.e. Rajbhog is a small and fine variety. However both are peerless in taste and fragrance - an indulgent aspect of culinary delight.

However, the crowning glory of Ratnagiri Seeds and Farms is the development, demonstration and launching of its indigenous hybrid rice variety - Ratnagiri-999. The variety launched last year has already had successful field demonstrations. The company plans to market it from the Kharif season of 2011-2012.

In the field of wheat, the company is successfully procuring and processing varieties like PBW-154, HUW-234, PBW-502, PBW-373, PBW-343, HD-2643 and WH-711.

The company has further increased its scope and expertise by striking a strategic collaboration with the Orient Seeds and Crop Sciences - a Pioneering company of Hyderabad. This collaboration brings international technology and expertise to the seeds processing industry in Bihar.

A special contribution of Ratnagiri Seeds and Farms to the rural wellness of Bihar lies in the fact that the earlier seeds producing and marketing agencies used to market seeds in 30 Kg bags. However with the enhancement of agro-technology requirement of seeds over the years has been greatly reduced. Nowadays about 3-4 Kgs of seeds are sufficient to plant an acre of land. Hence the small and marginal farmers suffered colossal losses in buying 30 Kg seed bags. To ameliorate this situation and address to the requirements of small and marginal farmers as well as to minimize seed-wastage, Ratnagiri Seeds and Farms has pioneered small seed packs of 3-6 Kgs.

Thus the company has made a radical beginning of bringing about "total-agriculture" to the door-steps of the average farmer and to bring about a regeneration of rural resurgence from the lowest level.

The Promoter of the company

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Neeraj Chaubey, hails from one of the celebrated landlord families of the erstwhile Shahabad district. Having been steeped in the nuances of agriculture and rural ethos since memories of his ancestors go, Mr. Chaubey forwent lucrate careers in so-called white-collar jobs to answer the call of the soil. Today the silent revolution which he has ushered in this sleepy rural backyards is helping innumerable farmers and landlords to increase their earnings and bettering their socio-economic conditions.